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Lead the way by becoming an RIA

If you’re anything like your peers, you expect to utilize more technology, enjoy better flexibility and engage in meaningful work that’s rewarding on every level—all potential opportunities that come with becoming an independent RIA. And whether you’ve been advising for a few years or are a student thinking about a career in an RIA firm, it might be time to consider the possibilities that becoming an RIA can bring.

The future of the industry in numbers

31% of RIA firms look to new college graduates for revenue-generating roles
The growth rate of personal financial advisor jobs is 4X the average for all occupations
The number of personal financial advisor jobs is expected to increase by 30% by 2024
75% of the workforce will be comprised of NextGen talent by 2025
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NextGen resources

NextGen Scholarship and Grant Programs

NextGen Scholarship and Grant Programs

One way that TD Ameritrade Institutional promotes careers in financial planning and attracts top talent to the industry is by providing scholarships to deserving students seeking a career in financial planning and grants to universities that show a commitment to the profession.

The RIA NextGen Career Exchange

The RIA NextGen Career Exchange

This free resource connects candidates like you to job and internship opportunities across the country. Start exploring today by creating an account, posting your resume and browsing the available jobs and internships.

After Graduation: A Student’s Guide to a Career in Financial Planning

After Graduation: A Student’s Guide to a Career in Financial Planning

As you prepare to enter the workforce, there are a lot of decisions to make. Not least of which is figuring out the advising model that’s right for you. Not sure which path to take? Use this helpful guide to learn more about the industry and determine the route that’s right for you.

What Should You Expect from a Custodian?

What Should You Expect from a Custodian?

Seasoned advisors agree—having the right custodian can be crucial to evolving and growing your career. To help you get a better idea of what to look for in this relationship, we’ve gathered the advice of RIAs into this helpful infographic.

Meet advisors like you who have
successfully transitioned

Todd Resnick

He joined his partners to break away and do things on their own terms.

Stephen Rischall

He left his independent broker-dealer to start his own firm and experience true freedom.

Joining a Firm

Hear from an advisor who joined a firm after going independent.

Gerald Loftin

After 12 years at his independent broker-dealer, he decided enough was enough.

Operational Efficiency

Hear from an operations pro about how to streamline your new firm's operations to provide a seamless customer experience.

Bob Rall

He left the wirehouse to build deeper relationships with his clients.

The Fong Brothers

They turned their family values into a strong foundation for a growing and successful firm.

Ryder Brose

He used the RIA model to put his clients first.

Ready for more

advisor insights and advice?

We’ll help you

do the math

Thinking of becoming an RIA, but unsure of the financial implications? Learn more about the potential benefits with our RIA Economic Evaluator.

Become an RIA in

4 simple steps

From choosing the right business model to helping your firm thrive after transition, you may have a lot of questions about becoming an independent RIA. Get the answers you’re looking for in our guidebook, Becoming an Independent RIA.

Additional resources
to help you on your journey


Retaining Clients in Independence

Many Advisors delay making the switch to the RIA model out of fear that they'll lose clients. Learn how to communicate your transition to clients and continue your relationship in independence.


Key Decisions for Independence: Mapping Your Start in the RIA Model

Choosing to become an RIA involves a lot of decisions—but having a road map makes them easier to manage. Read this guide to learn about key milestones in independence.


Compliance in Independence

Keeping up with laws and regulations is something you'll need to be aware of as an independent RIA, but it's not unmanageable. Learn more from industry leader Blane Warrene in this article.


M&A on the Horizon: Ready to Grow Your Firm?

If it’s time to start thinking big(ger), we can help. Learn about what you need to do to prepare for M&A at your firm.

Need more resources to guide you?