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Eileen O'ConnorEileen O’Connor, MBA, CFP® Joe Anderson and Al ClopineJoe Anderson, CFP®, AIF® and Al Clopine, CPA, AIF®
Ken WinansKen Winans, CMT, MBA Alan MooreAlan Moore, MS, CFP®

Eileen O’Connor, MBA, CFP®

Right from the start, Eileen set out to be a leader in helping women manage their wealth. As part of her efforts, Eileen and her study group, the Family Wealth Advisors Council, facilitated several studies on executive women to better understand what these investors want from a financial advisor.

Using the study information, Eileen published Women of Wealth: Why Does the Financial Services Industry Still Not Hear Them? She has used this as a marketing tool during speaking engagements and in interviews. After the success of the first study, Eileen and her team conducted a second study—the largest of its kind—and they continue to use the information to further help their clients and gain exposure for the firm.

Her thoughtful approach seems to be working. She’s never lost a client, and her employee count has tripled. And in 2015, Hemington Wealth Management was deemed the 11th fastest growing RIA in the country.1

1 “RIA Survey & Ranking 2015: Top 50 Fastest Growing Firms,” FA Magazine, 2015.

Joe Anderson, CFP®, AIF® and Al Clopine, CPA, AIF®

Joe and Al like to tell it like it is. So much so that they’ve built an entire television, radio and podcast franchise around giving straightforward advice to investors. On Your Money, Your WealthSM, the two advisors keep listeners informed on retirement, taxes, investments and more so they can pursue their financial goals.

Joe and Al are both part of the leadership at Pure Financial Advisors, the firm at the heart of the program. Since joining the firm in 2008 and 2009 respectively, Joe and Al have led the company to achieve over $1.8 billion in AUM while growing their customer base to over 2,000 clients. And through Your Money, Your Wealth, the duo has managed to educate not only those clients, but also countless others across the country.

Their approach is called content marketing, and it takes their firm’s branding to a new level. By demonstrating their knowledge to a wide audience, they’re able to spread the word about their firm at a rapid rate and earn potential clients’ trust at the same time. It’s an innovative strategy that’s paying off.

Alan Moore, MS, CFP®

As a younger advisor, Alan saw opportunity in building an advising network that serves the unique and underserved needs of his own growing NextGen demographic. That’s why he and his co-founder, Michael Kitces, created the XY Planning Network to connect and help advisors who understand that NextGen investors aren’t just interested in investing—they also want guidance with debt management, tax planning, retirement planning, wealth building, and so much more.

To meet the needs of this younger, digitally savvy set of clientele, advisors within the network must be willing to work with clients virtually, don’t have set asset minimums, and are encouraged to choose specialties that speak to specific types of NextGen investors, such as government employees, military service members, technology professionals, parents and more.

To help advisors better serve these clients, Alan and his team also offer one-on-one coaching, webinars and other types of educational resources. By doing so, he hopes to expand the reach of the industry and help more investors reach their financial goals.

Ken Winans, CMT, MBA

Ken is a man who loves to research. He is dedicated to studying his passions and has turned his findings into award-winning books, Forbes articles and philanthropic endeavors. Ever innovating as an advisor, Ken has spent much of his career conducting proprietary research that helps him offer low-risk investment strategies that are tailored to his clients’ needs.

Ken believes it’s important for investors and advisors alike to learn from the past. That’s why, after breaking away from Merrill Lynch, Ken went on to start Winans Investments and pioneer the development of five investment indexes and a technical trend indicator. These innovations are now used by major financial and academic institutions across the country.

By pairing a customized approach with historical data, Ken seeks to provide his clients with a strategy that matches their temperament and risk tolerance. It’s a unique method that has grown his firm from seven clients to an AUM of over $180 million.

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