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My transition

in numbers

12 yrs.: At independent broker-dealer | 6 months: Total transition time | 5 yrs.: Years at RIA
100%: Clients retained during transition

My best advice

with Gerald Loftin

With the new Department of Labor (DOL) Conflict of Interest Rule, putting the needs of your clients first is more important than ever—and no one is more poised to do so than RIAs. That’s why now is the time to seriously consider becoming an RIA. If you’ve been thinking about transitioning for a while, you’ve probably outgrown your relationship with your current broker-dealer.


Once you’ve decided to transition, be patient. Even when your plans seem perfect, things can change. Your clients might prefer to work at a slower pace, but that doesn’t mean things are going south—it might just mean they’re busy! Stay calm and lean on your custodian. For me, working with TD Ameritrade helped manage my own expectations and stick to a realistic, but flexible, timetable. I didn’t regret my move into the RIA model—and neither did my clients.

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