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One of the greatest aspects of being an RIA is the ability to choose a custodian that aligns with your specific values. When you stay true to those values and integrate them into your professional life, you build the worth of your business day by day. That’s why, our primary piece of advice to any advisor that’s looking to grow their business is to find a custodian that aligns with your standards.


First, you’ll need to identify your own values and priorities. For us, having a strong work ethic and giving our best effort are important virtues. We also wanted access to the technology and support that could alleviate the pressures of everyday business tasks so we could enjoy more freedom and flexibility. Once you know what’s important to you, do your due diligence. Go beyond each custodian’s website to network with other RIAs and learn about their custodial relationships. Then, you can choose a custodian that meets your specific needs and shares your personal values, too.

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