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My growth

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234% growth in AUM within three years | 11th fastest-growing RIA in the country in 2014
11 years as an RIA | 3 years owning her own firm | 3 years with TD Ameritrade

My best advice

with Eileen O’Connor

As you grow your firm, your staff should grow, too. And ensuring that you have a happy team is key in helping that cycle of growth to continue for years to come. We invest heavily in our team, offering a competitive bonus plan and salaries, flexible schedules and a five-week sabbatical after five years of employment. These are just a few of the ways we aim to create the type of workplace they never want to leave and encourage a culture of excellence.


Employee benefits aren’t the only way to foster a happy culture. Nurture their individual strengths through educational opportunities and career challenges to create a more positive work environment and build a firm that offers an advisor for any type of client. Anything you can do to make your team feel valued will go a long way, because happy employees make happy clients.

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