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6 Years - At independent broker dealer
18 Months - Total transition time

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with Ryder Brose

It’s human nature to fear change, but once we conducted our due diligence, it became clear that breaking away from our independent broker-dealer and moving to the RIA model was the only way to take our firm to the next level. As a former law enforcement officer who made a mid-life career change, I was quite familiar with major life transitions. For others, however, this feeling of uncertainty can be overbearing to the point of “decision paralysis” and can prevent someone from making the decision to become an RIA.


Start by discussing your transition with colleagues who have already made the move and use their insights to determine your top custodial contenders. Interview those custodians to determine the best one to serve your firm. A good custodian will help you narrow down your technology choices and ultimately help you select solutions that will not only integrate with their platform, but will streamline your business processes. Overall, a great custodian will walk you through every step of the transition process to make the move as seamless and painless as possible for your firm, your staff and most importantly, your valuable clients.

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Have you been envisioning what your future business might look like? Use our quick and informative tool for a better understanding of how you can make the most out of your journey toward becoming an RIA.

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From choosing the right business model to helping your firm thrive after transition, you may have a lot of questions about becoming an independent RIA. Get the answers you’re looking for in our guidebook, Becoming an Independent RIA.

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