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Our transition

in numbers

18 Years - Time at wirehouse - 18 Months - Total transition time
95% Clients retained during transition

Our best advice

with Jeff and Jay Fong

Fear of the unknown is part of any worthwhile life change. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to do this homework on your own. We found that with the right custodian, we had as much—if not more—support than we did in the wirehouse.


Your custodian isn’t your only resource, however. Network with peers already in the RIA model to discover their ups and down as they transitioned and grew. Be sure to ask them about their custodian and find out what they like and dislike most about the partnership. Once you’ve gathered enough information from current RIAs, you should feel more confident going into your own transition. We found that with the proper insights, jumping into the RIA model was simpler than we thought—we only wish we would have done it sooner!

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Heather Fortner

She knows that the right operations professionals can help advisors provide a seamless customer experience.

Gerald Loftin

After 12 years at his independent broker-dealer, he decided enough was enough.

Bob Rall

He left the wirehouse to build deeper relationships with his clients.

Ryder Brose

He used the RIA model to put his clients first.

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Whether you’re leaning toward starting or joining an RIA, we’ll give you an idea of what your future business might look like with our quick and informative Exploring Your Independence™ tool.

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From choosing the right business model to helping your firm thrive after transition, you may have a lot of questions about becoming an independent RIA. Get the answers you’re looking for in our guidebook, Becoming an Independent RIA.

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